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12 Innovative concepts of freelance earning is here for you to chase at

12 Innovative concepts of freelance earning is here

Freelance is emerging as an upcoming working condition in which the person enjoys the freedom of work at his own space of time. Undoubtedly, it’s a promising and exciting work opportunity which calls for gearing-up with these must-to-do tips

1. Proper Planning

Planning plays a crucial role in the development of any business or work. No doubt, it is a pathway of success which eventually puts a freelancer on the track of continuous and never ending work and helps him finish his work on time

2. Proper use of freelance websties

There is number of freelance websites like Upwork, Peopleperhour and many more. Freelancer should work on more then one freelance website. Upwork is one of the major freelancing website in world, It contains almost every category like web design, web development, search engine optimization, freelancer writer and many more.

If any freelancer using upwork, make sure you know how to write cover letter in upwork because cover letter is most important part. Checkout here How to write a cover letter in upwrok ?

3. Impressive symbol

A professional freelancer is known by his way of working and the impressive symbol is your first acquaintance with your clients. You will judge by your catchy logo and will undoubtedly it will attract more work for you.

Act like a professional freelancer

4. Updated Blog

The world is heading towards the digitalization which is no wonder making people more addicted to the internet. The freelancer should develop his own website and regularly put the blog on it. This will help the client known better about your work and business.

Make some social proof like facebook page or linkedin post to share relevant projects or previous client feedback

For example check my facebook page and linkedin profile.

5. Free gifts

Freelancer tips

Gifts is something which is like an epidemic, attracts more people to it. Offer a few gifts and a special discount to the new customers will definitely act like an icing on the cake. This will help you gain more business.

6. Social media

Presently social media is playing a vital role in making the people heard of you. Share your work on social media and see the response. Eventually once on getting known, people will over load you with work.

use of social media in freelancing

7. Make friends

Always try to make more friends and keep in touch with variety of people you never know who is going to help you at which time. In case you are not good at any specific field then recommend your friend to your client. Likewise you may get nominated by your friend to grab a new client.

8. Be innovative

Every field calls for new innovation. Always try to learn new things of your field and stay updated with your work field.

9. Prefer your customers

Honesty is the best policy based on this a freelancer should directly interact with the clients about any doubts or misunderstanding.

10. Productive tools

Though freelancing gives you a complete freedom of choosing a work, but make sure, to make the right use of productive tools. Be a smart person by keeping updated yourself with necessary tools which you may need

11. Communication and Communication

Most important thing in freelancing, always try to keep in touch with clients even you do not deliver the project on time, update client regularly and say a genuine reason. According to my experience a good client understand problems.

Don’t hesitate to say, if you are going offline for some days.

12. Feedback of current work

Once the project done and client is happy with the work, say provide a feedback either in freelancing websites or a small video testimonials.

See live video feedback of mine and get some idea 


In this blog, I have discussed 12 freelance tips including freelancer roles and responsibility. Keep visiting my website, I will update this blog with some Freelancing tools.

If you have any suggestion or question, leave on comment box, i will be happy to help you



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