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5 Basic Ways To Promote A Product

5 basic ways to promote a product

How to promote a product?

Every multinational company or domestic company want to sell their “product” online or offline and facing lots of issues regarding the strategies to promote the products. I just finalized “5 basic ways to promote a product” .

1. Sales Promotion

Basically sales promotion contains a short incentives given to their customers on using of product for first time or we can say on purchase of trial mode. It shows the quality of your product and as well as huge promotion to the customers. Now a days promotional gifts are great ways to promote your products.

Example – Discount, Coupons, Rebate, Promotional Gifts, Lucky Draw, Cash back, Contests etch.

2. Advertising

An essential decision that any organization needs to make when it goes universal or national advertisement of  products or items. Advertising is depend on your product and targeted customer category for example if your product is in sports category, you should follow the sports channel and same with the different targeted countries.

There is two main methods for advertising but depend on your targeted customers.

  • Online ads (Social media, Google local listing, E-commerce portals, Website adds, Google Adwords etch)
  • Offline ads (Television, Radio, Magazines, Celebrity, Newspaper , Local store etch)

Social media is most basic ways to promote every product without invest huge money.

3. Events

Events are association upheld activities and tasks expected to make consistently or unprecedented product related promotions. The main theme of events or festival to build the eye getting brand image of products. Event is depend on the budget of company, it can be done by the celebrity or endorsed stars.

Example- Festivals, Games, Shows on local stations, Online events etch.

4. Personal Selling and Direct Marketing

Direct marketing spotlights on building whole deal unions rather then seeing each arrangement as one-time event.   Personal selling requires more costly then direct marketing or simply we can say

  • Direct marketing is “Dynamic(Online)”
  • Personal selling is “Static(Offline)”

Both methods are required to promotion of products online or offline, It depends on the company’s targeted consumers. Company follows two strategies –

  • Push and Pull

Push method is used by personal selling and the seller interact with customers directly to promote the products or close the sale.

Pull method is new and most company using it because of larger advertising option like Emailing, Phone calls, Newspapers, Online adds and many more. Push methods is best for financial products.

A good company follows Push + Pull strategies.

Where to use Push and Pull Strategies to promote the product ?

Push Strategies

  • For complex products
  • Short distribution channel
  • Fol limited number of electronics device

Pull Strategies

  • For consumer goods
  • For large distribution channel
  • Setup to manage huge customers.

5. Public Relations

Public relations as names suggested that tells about the image of products on different region. Company should analyse those regions where customers shows more interest on the product. Sometimes due to regional issues  customers does not show interest the same product just because of product is not from their local region.

To overcome this issue company should a design a local programme to promote the product.

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