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5 questions that will improve freelancing career

5 freelancing tips of freelancing career

When a freelancer start to work in many freelancing portals or even directly with the clients, freelancer should apply some tips to improve freelancing career.

There are lots of tips or corner to improve the freelancing career, but I discovered 6 questions that will sure help to Improve freelancing career.

What does a freelancer do after a project completion?

Of course, freelancer asks for the last milestone or final payment for the project.

Not like that- Here are 6 questions that every freelancer should ask on a completion of any project.

(1) Video Testimonials

Testimonials is a good for getting new clients, but If freelancer have a video testimonials from their past clients, it is really a great source for making new clients.

So try to convince past client for a video testimonial about skills, past project, response time and quality.

Check my own three testimonials-

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Dan Storey- Founder of Danstorey.com

Jeff Walker-Founder of Apprush Academy

 Dr Kay Lumas- President of Newbeginnings incorporation

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Now next is second question-

2. Best 3 things in your work?

Request client to provide best 3 things about work that means freelancer gets own strong points and it helps to convince next clients.

Examples of best 3 things- Quality work, Great response etc.

Given below third question-

3. What should improve?

No one is perfect in the world, but still we can reduce the mistakes.

Ask  the client- What are the things that they did not like in your work? or you can say in other words that what should I improve in my job process?

Now come to 4th question

4. Connect to social media

Ask your client, If they can add you to their social media like Facebook, Google+, Linkedin etc.

Social media is a great way to rank your service. If the freelancer is connected with any clients on social media then it will be a good source to keep in touch regularly basis.

Last Question

5. Can you Recommend me?

Can you recommend me to your friends and colleagues?

If freelancer get any direct positive leads from their past client that will be a great thing for freelancing career.

Summary: This blog contains list of 5 question with explanation that will sure improve freelancing career of any freelancer.

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