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5 things should avoid that makes client happy


5 things should avoid that makes client happy

In business, we always think that our client should be happy with our work. Due to some common mistakes in our process, we lose our clients and it reduces our business so I just analyzed 5 things should avoid that makes client happy and keeps a strong and healthy relationship.

1. Regular updates

When doing some projects on-line or off-line, client always loves a regular updating on projects. Sometimes freelancer avoids to update on projects just for small changes, but don’t worry whatever you did on projects, drop an  email to your client. It makes client happy that you are working on projects.

2. Money

With hourly projects always use a tracker to count the hours and bill with corrected your hourly rate. Problem comes with “Fixed Price” job- Sometimes freelancer set a complete budget for projects, but after feel the quoted budget is not enough so freelancer ask for more money. Client don’t feel comfortable  paying more money as quoted price so try to avoid asking for more money.

3. Disappear

One of the major issue is disappearing  from ongoing project. Sometimes freelancer disappear without inform their clients- Due to such kind of nature client never repeat those freelancers for upcoming work. If you had an emergency just drop an email or any instant message that you will not available for next few days. You should always avoid such kinds of  mistakes that make your client happy and you earn more and more

4. Payment Terms

On the starting of any project, freelancer should define the payment terms with milestone date. Always try to ask for money or milestone on defined dates. Some freelancers ask for money on the regular interval of time that affect a bad impression over clients.

5. Deliver project on time

Freelancer tips- how to make client happy

If projects complete on time, you will be the first choice for upcoming project by client so try to deliver the project within decided time. Client or every person loves that nature of working.

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