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My name is Shankar Kumar (Shanky) a simple guy from New Delhi, India. After a good experience in web service like WEB-DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, SEO– I felt what is my goal in life? No answer!!!
I started my career as PHP developer, having a good experience in PHP, HTML, and CSS then turned into a Business Analyst. I was managing both the profile very carefully but again turned to an Entrepreneur so now I have three roles to my self- Developer + Analyst + Entrepreneur.


Actually I am passionate about writing blogs, books, short story, analyze the things about Life & Technology. I am Bachelor degree holder in Information Technology.

A web – “Wire” to connect with me:

WebsWire” is just started by me and it is a platform where you can learn tips including Information about Life, Latest Web technologies, Short Story about peoples and many more.
Simply sharing of some good thoughts is called WebsWire.

Reason behind WebsWire :

Since working in daily life, always found something interesting facts, some issues that need to be change, Need to share latest news then decided to launch a platform to combine all the things.

What says my client-


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