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Advanced keyword research in SEO tutorial 2016

What is SEO?

Search engine technique increases sales percentage of online business or product. what is most important to get more sales on any website?

more targeted visitor coming to website, site owner get more sales.

So simply SEO gives more traffic to website.

I am going to teach you how to start SEO of any website and you will learn SEO in just 11 days.

In this blog, I have added 13 chapters for SEO tutorial.

Given below all the chapters:

  1. Advanced Keyword research.
  2. Keyword analysis.
  3. SEO and Web hosting.
  4. WordPress setup & seo setting.
  5. Analyse On page Seo.
  6. Off page optimization.
  7. About backlinks in SEO.
  8. RSS feeds.
  9. Local listing.
  10. Use of goolge webmaster and analytics regarding SEO
  11. Promotion of blog using seo technique.
  12. Use of Seo plugin in wordpress website
  13. Tracking traffic of website

In this blog , I will discuss Advanced keyword research using google keyword planner.

Advanced Keyword research

what are keywords in SEO?

Keywords are phrases that internet user type on google.

Step 1:

Example: I have a website for “web design course” and I chosen keywords for my website “web design course

Next- go to google or any search engine like bing, yahoo etc, put that keywords (in my case “web design course”) on google.

You will see millions of result, go to bottom of google search page. Here you can find suggested keyword by google.

Advanced keyword resarch


Step 2:

Now you are going for selection of keyword,

Go to https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner.

Login into account

click on find new keywords and get volume data.

Enter keywords in my case (web design course).

you will redirect to google keyword planner dashboard (check out my video for whole process).

Selection of keyword in SEO

 Step 3

choose high competition kywords and trim it as per requirements.

Select always long tail keywords (it should be minimum of three).

In my case, I am searching for “web design course”, I can trim it like “web design course in new york”.

choose always high searching trending keywords because more people searching these keywords.

Add city or country name in keywords.

make note of at-least 5 to 10 keywords.

Use chosen keywords in blog (I will discuss it more).

Summery: In this SEO tutorial, I have explained how to use google keyword planner for advanced keyword research. For next chapter please subscribe my youtube channel (on right side of  blog )

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