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Advanced keyword research in SEO tutorial 2016

SEO tutorial 2016: Advanced keyword research

What is SEO? Search engine technique increases sales percentage of online business or product. what is most important to get more sales on any website? more targeted visitor coming to website, site owner get more sales. So simply SEO gives more traffic to website. I am going to teach you ...

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Upwork tips to get more freelance projects

Upwork tips to get more freelance projects

Here are upwork tips to get more freelance projects. After a deep scan on upwork process, I found these steps are really helpful for freelancer. I assume that every freelancer have created profile on upwork, if not please visit Upwork and setup account. The most important thing to grab a ...

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Is freelancing good ?

Is freelancing good?

Every freelancer at some point think that, is freelancing good? or need a full time regular work. I am also a freelancer and really this question stopping me to do anything in daily life. So I request you all freelancer to guide all those kind of freelancer who are facing ...

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Is it must to duplicate Elance account on upwork?

We know  that Elance has already officially announced that about merging of Elance to Upwork. Now Elance is forcing to all freelancer and client to duplicate Elance account to upwork. So  my question is Is it must to duplicate Elance account? What will happen, if we don’t duplicate own account? ...

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5 questions that will improve freelancing career

5 freelancing tips

When a freelancer start to work in many freelancing portals or even directly with the clients, freelancer should apply some tips to improve freelancing career. There are lots of tips or corner to improve the freelancing career, but I discovered 6 questions that will sure help to Improve freelancing career. ...

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Improve knowledge about domain hosting and development

Improve client interaction on freelancing portal

Client interaction is a big stuff in the freelancing platform.  A technical person like developers and designers – they are good in communication but what about the freelancers like Business development manager or any person from the non-technical background. My  purpose is to help those non-technical freelancers or person with latest ...

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Rule the market by 9 marketing golden tips


Marketing plays an important role in boosting your work and business. Keep a close eye on the market and this will help you to rule the market apart from this, follow these marketing tips which will help your business prosper 1. Scribble your plan Whatever comes to your mind make ...

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3 ways to get direct client in elance

Elance tips to find clients

On many of freelancing platform like Elance, Upwork, Guru etch, we can’t find direct contacts of clients. They provide only to set proposal for each job and after you can interact with clients on PMB (Private message board). I also thumb up because they act as mediators between “client” and ...

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Crawl more visitors to your portal with these 13 SEO tips

13 seo tips for blog

Presently business is governed by the website, as more and more people are diverting to this easily accessible method where people provide complete and detail knowledge of their business and work online. Search engine optimization has to be greater so that it appears on the Google and will effect on your business. Precisely ...

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