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Crawl more visitors to your portal with these 13 SEO tips

13 seo tips for blog

Presently business is governed by the website, as more and more people are diverting to this easily accessible method where people provide complete and detail knowledge of their business and work online. Search engine optimization has to be greater so that it appears on the Google and will effect on your business.

Precisely SEO refers to find those ways which will attract more visitors to the site/blog and producing more popular and highly demand-able. Apart from SEO’s efforts, here are few useful tips to increase the traffic to your site or blog.

1. Content

The content which is posted on the site plays a crucial part in the search engine optimization. Make sure that your content is well written with main focus on the keywords.

2. Links

Build a connection of quality back links. After contents, links are going to make spiders scroll down to your website.

3. Emphasize title tag

Title speaks-loud for you so put it on header or index of site and Add your companies/business name in it.

4. Updated content

All new and updated content will lift up the search of your website. Make it a practice to add fresh content to the site on regular basis.

5. Consult an SEO

Always consult SEO for designing your website. Make him acquainted with your needs and expectations.

Use Flash and AJAX– For better SEO results always use Flash and AJAX.

6. Grab a link

Getting many visitor to the website is not simple job, but to facilitate the reason one should get link from another reputed site.

7. Fresh Blogs

seo tips for blog

Keep updating your website with fresh blogs. Not-to-mention they will act like a pedigree to the visitors.

8. Quality and not quantity

Always prefer good quality links. A single authoritative link is much better than the numerous poor links.

9. Limit

Do not over fill your search engines with keywords.

10. Texts

Text around your links and content should revolve around the keywords.

11. Blacklist check

Always performs blacklist check because the negative marking in it will affect your ranking.

12. Easily use-able

Make sure that you website is easy to use. It will accelerate your popularity and link building and as a result your ranking will boost up.

13. Page Loading Time

According to latest update of google, Website’s page loading time is most important factor for ranking. Click here to find your page speed

Summery- The mentioned above all 13 seo tips are essential regarding ranking of any website or blog but “Google loves your content” so if content is strong then you can relax.

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