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Eye catching proposal for Elance:

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How to write a good and resulting proposal on Elance?

This is my first official blog post so hope will be beneficial for all my readers.

First of all Elance is one of the immense freelance platform to earn money by using own skills.

Here are 7 tips to draft a client’s favorite proposal.

1. Avoid to introduce yourself:

Not a good idea to introduce yourself or company introduction in first four lines.Client always gets so many proposals, they don’t have time to read boring and dull starting.

2. Start always with name (if possible):

Many job description include client’s name, it’s great way to start the proposal with client name.
Like “Hello Sara, you need customization on payment gateway in Opencart CMS…”

3. Use formatting:

How to make good and resulting proposal in elance

To make an Eye Catching proposal for Elance always use formatting when you write proposal, it looks more attractive on the other side (client side). You can use Bold headlines, Number list and italic fonts.
Tips: use portfolio in “Number list”, about me in “Bold”, Project understanding in underline and many more.

4. Select portfolio:

Eye catching  proposal for elance

After reading job description, if you feel you have same work in your portfolio then add it on your proposal. It helps client to sort out your proposal.

5. Approach to the job:

Elance separated two section-one for ‘qualification,experience’ and other ‘Approach to the job’ so mention how can you fix or what are the ways to solve the issues on project. if a new project then place a process or mention other features those you think good for project.

6. Instant chat or contacts:

Never use Skype or Email address over proposal to get in touch with clients(officially not legal in Elance) directly. When Elance will start overview of accounts , May be you blocked by Elance.

7. Project Cost:

Try to estimate a price and time to complete the task which has been described in job description and place it on the fields “Cost and Timings”.
Always less use of “Will submit later” sometime due to without quote, client rejects proposal as half-completed proposal.

Hope you got the answer for “How to write a good and resulting proposal in Elance“.I will update more tips and tricks, Feel free to ask any query or suggestions..

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