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Improve knowledge about domain hosting and development

Client interaction is a big stuff in the freelancing platform.  A technical person like developers and designers – they are good in communication but what about the freelancers like Business development manager or any person from the non-technical background.

My  purpose is to help those non-technical freelancers or person with latest web technologies so, they can easily communicate with anyone.

We all know web technology is large area so I will provide one topic per blog.

My first topic is about website creation process and showing relation between domain name, hosting, web design,  web development.

How to create a website? (Domain, Hosting, Live)

“Today (4th July 2015) morning, one of my  good friends called me and said that he wants to create a website. I said no problem and asked him some questions

(1) Did your purchase domain name?

(2) Which hosting server you want to use?

(3) Will use CMS, theme or custom coding to complete the website?

I was amazed by his answers. Here are they

  • What is the domain name?
  • Wodpress or webs.com will host my website
  • Why need of CMS

Then I detailed him about the process of website creation and thought should write a blog to aware these type of things.

Improve knowledge about domain name hosting and development


Understanding of Domain name and Hosting:

Domain name is basically a name of your business. For example, my domain name is www.webswire.org. Hosting is server where your file stored  or simply, hosting is home where you can manage website or application.

Understanding of web design(JPEG to HTML template)

Improve knowledge about web design process

Once domain and hosting set-up, now you can discuss – design of website.  A website can be done by theme (Themeforest) or by custom html template(above image).

About development of website:

Development of any website means, In this phase mostly works with functionalities and pages. Development is  related to CMS (like WordPress, Joomla etc), coding language (PHP), framework, plugin and many more.

Summery: In this post we learned about website creating process and how a website goes live on Internet.

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