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Is freelancing good ?

Is freelancing good?

Every freelancer at some point think that, is freelancing good? or need a full time regular work.

I am also a freelancer and really this question stopping me to do anything in daily life. So I request you all freelancer to guide all those kind of freelancer who are facing such kind of problem.

What I am think about – Is freelancing good?

Pros of freelancing work-

1. Yeah , you are own boos

2. You can decide number of hours to work in a day.

3. My favorite, no need to send an email for leave.

4. Good Earning, depends on hourly rate.

5. Freelancer can choose place to work as per mood. (even you can work at toilet rooms …just kidding)

6. No need to send daily report to your boss.

Cons of freelancing work-

1. Always thinking about getting new projects.

2. No security regarding future.

3. Freelancer cannot enjoy a professional life..like no office gossip, no group tour etc.

4. Salary or income is not fixed.

5. Freelancer can get bored with environment.

6. If you are full time employee then some mistakes will take care by your manager but In freelancing you have no choice.

I also know that many of freelancer are earning 100k$ in just 12 months and some are not even 100$ in a month.  So my question is how to earn a good money ,if you are a freelancer.

After merging of Elance and Odesk , chances of getting new jobs increased but parallely competition also increased.

My final thought is if you are a freelancer then work hard with Upwork  proposal to make some money.

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