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Is it must to duplicate Elance account on upwork?

Is it must to duplicate elance account

We know  that Elance has already officially announced that about merging of Elance to Upwork. Now Elance is forcing to all freelancer and client to duplicate Elance account to upwork.

So  my question is

Is it must to duplicate Elance account?

What will happen, if we don’t duplicate own account?


  • As Elance shared earlier this year, Elance and Odesk have decided to focus on a single platform, Upwork, to help their freelancer , clients and as well company.
  • Currently, releasing these initiatives on both platforms (Elance and Upwork) at the same time is not feasible.
    Elance have chosen to concentrate them on Upwork and are building a bridge so that Elance freelancers and clients can experience these improvements right away.
  • Elance are winding down the own platform and inviting Elance users to join the Upwork community.
    Since Upwork and Elance is now one company it would be more efficient to work under one platform.
  • Elance website will be closing down, no definite date yet but Elance will inform to world ,once they have determined a final schedule.

So, I recommend all to complete their account migration to Upwork before that happens.

To duplicate elance account, there is button on right side of your elance dashboard, just press “Duplicate your elance account”

dulicate elance account to upwork

Once you clicked on button, then there is simple steps. No need to copy anything, upwork will automatically synchronize each details.

Summery: In this blog,  we found answer about duplicate elance account.


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