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Upwork tips to earn $5000 per month

Upwork tips to earn $5000 per month

Hello Freelancers,

You are reading this blog because you want to earn more in freelancing career. There is lots of freelancing websites and believe all are same. Do not worry, I am not going to explain here “How to bid on upwork”, “key points for freelance career”.

In most of freelancing blogs, every one talk about same thing like..freelancer should better communication, good in proposal writing, act like professional, be patience,build your profile, build portfolio and bla bla bla….

Freelancers have their own mind and they know how to use own skills. Freelancer need some genuine tips to grow their career.

Okay that’s fine, Here we are

Is it possible to earn $5000+ from Upwork or other freelancing website?

A big yes, but how?

Upwork tips to earn $5000 per month:

1. Always keep in mind Upwork or other freelancing websites (like freelance.in, peopleperhour etc) will not give you $5000

Getting me, your client will give that much of amount.

2. So why we use Upwork?

Use upwork as mediator to get clients. Upwork contain lots of genuine and good clients and this is true.

Focus on clients not Upwork:

  • Do not skip  small projects , if it is posted by a high paying client. Freelancer should have skills to recognise  high paying clients. I have already discussed “how to find high  paying clients on upwork.
  • Bid on small project and win the trust of that client. I believe one client can give you so many work.
  • Always try to impress client and follow them on linkedin, facebook and other social media websites.
  • Try to complete every project within deadline.
  • If freelancer found a high paying clients on upwork then save this job, if you do not meet skills. May be next time client have work for your skills.
  • Follow up all clients in every week or ask them for referral.

Most of freelancer trying to get big project like $10000 cost but this is not a good way to start. You cannot earn quickly, freelancer should have a long strategy.

I have only 10-12 clients and they are giving me regular work. So I am trying to say make clients, It can be grow your freelancer career.

Upwork tips to get direct clients:

I have few technique to get connect with upwork clients directly.

I assumed freelancers have an account on upwork and they have already bid on some projects.

(1) Click on proposal

(2) Go to active proposals

(3) Here you can see Clients user name just below the job description.

Upwork tips to get direct client

4. Now select user name. Right click it and  search with google.

How to find clients on upwork

5. You will get lots of information regarding that client. If you see linkedin or any social media try to connect via email or any social media.

6. Copy that client’s username and search it on skype. Some time I got same client. Now freelancer can send personal friend request, make sure while you sending friend request, detailed about skills.

Summery: In this blog you learned how to earn more then $5000 per month by using upwork and other freelance websites. Some important points are – Don’t skip small projects, Focus on clients, short-court method to contact client.


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